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Therapist introduction

Speech therapist / nursery teacher Mai Funahira

When I was a student, I majored in Japanese language studies and completed a 420-hour Japanese language teacher training course. After that, he became interested in aphasia and language acquisition and obtained a qualification as a speech therapist. Worked at the Clinical Respect Clinic for 3 years and is in charge of teaching pronunciation, language delay, hearing loss, stuttering, autism, etc. for more than 100 children. Engaged in pediatric visits in Lucrie since 2017. He is in charge of teaching many children, such as speech delay, no speech due to autism, and only word-level speech. In addition, he will give lectures to students aiming for ST as a part-time lecturer at Chigasaki Rehabilitation College. Children who were non-speaking in the upper grades of elementary school will be able to speak and speak through instruction, and once again realize the importance of providing support regardless of age. It is easy to think that it is difficult to support a child who has autism or has delayed the start of speech instruction, but in daily instruction, he / she experiences that it can be connected to vocalization and speech depending on the instruction method. As a speech therapist, I believe it is important to strive to bring out the abilities of each child without setting "age barriers" or "limits for teaching."

Rikke Jencel, BCBA

Ricke Jensel Certified Behavior Analyst

Fluent in French, English and Norwegian. As BCBA, he provides LUCREA therapist supervision and individual therapies in French and English. Engaged in LUCREA from February 2019.


Worked at various nursing facilities for over 15 years. Started studying in Norway, moved to Sydney and earned a bachelor's degree in psychology. After that, he obtained a master's degree in child adolescent psychology and applied behavior analysis in France. After obtaining a master's degree, he belongs to the Association of Parents of Autistic Children. After that, he started a new center in France. After working as a behavioral analyst for several years, he was accredited by BCBA and established the center. After moving to Tokyo, he has been active as a behavior consultant, supervisor and therapist at LUCREA.


Message from Ricke:

"When it comes to therapy, my strongest belief is that any behavior can be changed. Depending on the therapist, the child's behavior can be transformed into a functional and meaningful behavior. This is work only. It can be applied not only to daily life but also to daily life.

As a LUCREA therapist, I am honored to be able to transform the behavior of the children I support into appropriate behavior and maximize their individual potential. "


Michale Lara, Occupational Therapist

Michael Lara Occupational Therapist

Fluent in English and Tagalog. Therapies are mainly conducted in English. Worked at Le Clie from 2017 to the present. Has over 20 years of teaching experience.


In the Philippines, the focus is on center-based treatment, with a focus on early intervention. We handle children with various development and learning disabilities such as ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), TEACCH (Treatment and Education for Autism and Communication Disabilities), and PECS (Image Exchange Communication System). After working as an OT / supervisor in the Philippines for 15 years, moved to Japan in 2015. Engaged as a learning support teacher for 2 years at an international school in Tokyo. He then worked as an OT and ABA therapist at Le Clie in center-based, home-based, and school-based settings.


Message from Michael:

"I believe that early intervention provides a foundation for sound learning and is an integral part of development. My involvement with children is my purpose. Growth and progress through care with young children. The moment I see it is my happiness. What is essential for the therapist is "patience". Every child develops skills at their own unique pace. Therefore, we therapists have patience and understanding in their own way to nurture the potential of children. There will always be amazing changes. "

Ami Choung, SpEd 

Masami Chung Special Education Specialist

Fluent in English and Japanese. As a senior therapist, he provides therapy in both Japanese and English based on ABA. Engaged as a therapist at Le Clie from 2018. Born and raised in Japan.


He holds a bachelor's degree in sociology and psychology in the United States. After that, he obtained a master's degree in special needs studies and disability studies from the graduate school. During this time, he works as a certified care worker / helper for children with special needs. Over 10 years of experience teaching ABA therapy.

Message from Masami:

"Every child has the potential to learn. It's up to the therapist to find the best way for each child to shine. It may not be easy, but there is always a way and a way. When I can find it, it's a real pleasure as a therapist. "

Ryo Mike Morita

Junior Therapist Morita (Mike) Ryu

Fluent in English and Japanese. In charge of therapy in English as a junior therapist. Worked at Le Clie since 2020. Born in Japan, moved to the United States at the age of five. Has a bilingual and bicultural background. He spends most of his childhood in the United States.

He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Temple University. Over 4 years of experience as an English teacher. Currently training to become an RBT (Certified Behavior Technician).

Mike's teaching style, which is very familiar, is very popular with school children. Patience and encouragement are essential to guiding children, so the therapist's goal is to think and implement guidance that children can enjoy and learn in order to develop social and life skills.

Message from Mike:

"Contributing to children's learning and growth is of course important, but it's just as important to entertain them and make them smile throughout the learning process."

Debbie Enriquez, Physiotherapist 

Debbie Enriquez Physiotherapist

Bilingual in English and Filipino. Qualified for special education. Has a wide range of nursing experience from children to adults over the past 10 years. Since 2020, he has been in charge of ABA-based behavioral therapy and physiotherapy as a senior therapist at Lucrie.


Obtained a qualification as a physical therapist from the University of Manila, Philippines. After that, in 2002, he acquired all credits for special education at De La Salle University in Manila.

In addition to serving as a case manager at a nursing center in Manila, he also worked as a special needs education teacher and as the principal of Trace College.


Being involved in the field of education is always a pleasure to contribute to the education of children, as it gives them the opportunity to improve their potential and support their development. My hobbies are traveling, reading, and watching movies.


Message from Debbie:

"Rehabilitation guidance is a serious responsibility. It is my desire to maximize children's abilities and help them become aware of their abilities. Children can learn with motivation and fun. It is the most rewarding thing to work as a therapist to be involved in the process of children's growth. "

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