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Our Original Teaching Resource 

Step Oh! Ekaki

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​ 本教材は、これからお絵かきを始める、或はお絵かきが苦手なお子さんのために作業療法士の監修のもと作成しました。絵を描くために必要な様々なスキルが、発達段階に沿って自然に楽しく学べます。大人がお子さんと楽しく描き進めることで、お子さんはお絵かきが好きになっていくでしょう。


This educational drawing manual was developed under the supervision of an occupational therapist for a learner who has just started to learn to draw and/or who is not good at drawing. By using this material, a learner is able to acquire various skills necessary for drawing, by following natural developmental stages. A learner’s interest in drawing will grow as an instructor/parent demonstrates to the learner their own pleasure of drawing. 






This product is copyrighted by LUCREA, Inc. ( Sharing, copying, distributing, selling and posting on a website is prohibited unless permission is granted in writing. You may not credit this document as your own. Violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as stated by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


By downloading this resource you have acquired the right to use it for your own personal use. You may print it as often as you wish for your students and/or your children only. If you would like to share it with friends or colleagues, please ask them to visit to acquire a copy. We appreciate your respect for LUCREA, Inc.’s copyright.

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