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ABLLS-R®ガイド<日本語版>基本言語・学習スキルのアセスメント改訂版 (税込)

  • ABLLS-R® Guide <Japanese version>

    A4 size about 100 pages Thickness about 1.0 cm Ring binding

    Features and Benefits of ABLLS-R® Guides:

    --A manual for conducting the ABLLS-R® assessment correctly

    --Guide to creating an IEP (Individualized Education Program)

    ――――  Skill tracking table (skill tracking system) that can visually list the acquisition status of children's skills

    ――It has been translated into languages around the world and is used by nursing staff, supporters, and parents not only in English-speaking countries but around the world. (Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc.)

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