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Note: Only those who have already purchased the "ABLLS-R® Guide" can order the "ABLLS-R® Assessment" alone. Use the "ABLLS-R® Assessment" according to the scoring method and IEP creation method of the "ABLLS-R® Guide". When ordering this book alone, be sure to enter the 6-digit "ABLLS-R® Guide ID". If the ID is not stated, the order will be canceled. Please note.

ABLLS-R®アセスメント<日本語版> 基本言語・学習スキルのアセスメント改訂版 (税込)

  • ABLLS-R® Assessment <Japanese version>

    A4 size about 100 pages Thickness about 1.3 cm Ring binding

    Features and Benefits of ABLLS-R® Assessment:

    ――You can numerically evaluate and record the current state of development and behavior of each child under test.

    ――Since all 25 skill fields and all 500 or more task items are included, you can grasp the whole picture of child development in detail and widely.

    --Rehabilitation specialists and parents can set accurate learning goals based on the child's "achievement of current skills" obtained from the ABLLS-R® assessment.

    ――You can educate according to the created IEP, and you can lead to effectively acquire the target skill without deviating from the set goal.

    --You can record and check the skill acquisition status of your child in the skill tracking table (skill tracking system).

    ――You can visually grasp not only the current situation but also the skills that should be expanded in the future on the graph.

    --Supporters and parents can share profiles and IEPs, and teams can provide medical care.

    ――It has been translated into languages around the world and is used by nursing staff, supporters, and parents not only in English-speaking countries but around the world. (Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc.)

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