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Let's get started Home therapy: Develop important learning skills for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental delays (reprint A4 size monochrome)

[Guidance teaching book for language development is going to stack a very immature children's skills step by step]


Teach Your Children Well ® Series

Author: James W. Partington, Ph. D., BCBA-D

Japanese translation / supervision:  Yoko Sato


[Outline of this book]


"Getting Started Home Therapy" is James W. Partington, Ph, a leading creator and international authority on language behavior models (ABA / VB: Applied Behavior Analysis / Language Behavior). .D., BCBA Certified Behavior Analyst). This book describes detailed and step-by-step instruction methods to ensure that everyone can provide essential and effective instruction. It also details how to motivate your child to meet their challenges.


Teach Your Children Well ® series, ASD and leaders of children who exhibit a delay of other development, parents, educators, provides an easy-to-understand other practical and technical information on the basis of the research results to subject experts Developed to do. The information in this book does not provide advice for any particular child. In addition, please do not misunderstand that you can bring "typical development and function" to children with developmental disabilities by using the information in this book. By its nature, this book does not determine whether the priorities of educational objectives, goals and needs are appropriate for an individual child. Parents should evaluate their children's skills and select educational priorities and care programs with the help of experienced and experienced professionals. Then set educational and behavioral goals and choose a teaching method.


[Voice of recommendation]


  "Getting Started Home Therapy" will be beneficial, easy to understand and empowering for parents of children with autism. Dr. Partington explains academic expressions as simply as possible so that those who are not familiar with applied behavior analysis jargon can teach their children language and communication skills. Condensed with the most important and effective teaching methods, it is a useful guide for parents who want to improve their children's learning skills.

Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Florida State University Jon S. Bailey, Ph.D., BCBA Former Editor of The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis


Price: 3950 yen (excluding tax)

Number of pages: 198 pages in total

Printing / Publishing: Lucrie Co., Ltd.

© 2021  Printed in Japan

ISBN: 978-4-9908927-7-7

Reprint 2nd​ Edition 1​​ Printing​ 2021​ February 2 of the year​ Five​ Day


はじめよう おうちセラピー: 自閉症やその他の発達の遅れを呈する子どもの重要学習スキルを育む

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