What is Occupational Therapy?


This is the use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, and maintain the skills necessary for an individual to achieve their full potential and functional independence to perform Activities of Daily Living.


What does an Occupational Therapist (O.T.) do?

O.T.’s help children across ages overcome barriers and difficulties to be able to independently do the things they want, need and are expected to do.


Who needs O.T.?

  • Children with Developmental Delays (When a child is behind in developing skills expected from their age group)

  • Children having difficulty with Fine Motor Skills (handwriting, coloring, scissors, buttons, shoelaces, or zippers, manipulating small objects)

  • Children having difficulty with Gross Motor Skills (e.g., problems with movement, motor coordination, strength, balance, clumsiness, awkward walking/running, poor spatial awareness, reluctance to partake in physical activities)

  • Children having problems with Visual Processing Skills (copying from the board, reversing letters and numbers, visual sequencing of letters when writing and spelling, losing a place on a page when reading or writing, completing puzzles, planning actions in relation to objects around them, discriminating between the size of letters and objects, remembering sight words)

  • Children having difficulty with Sensory Processing Skills (overly sensitive to sound, touch or movement, under-responsive to certain sensations, highly distracted to auditory or visual stimuli, difficulty coping with change, constantly bumps and crashes into things)

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