Our trained and certified specialists evaluate speaking and hearing abilities as well as listening skills and also provide appropriate guidance and therapy services based on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

We can provide quality guidance related to the following issues:


  • Delayed Language Development

  • Articulation Abnormalities 

  • Stuttering and Speech Disfluency

  • Communication Problems

  • Weakness in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

  • Cognitive Development Delays

  • Difficulties Participating in Group Activities

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Delayed language development in children can manifest itself in many ways:


  • No speaking by the age of two (still no first word)

  • By the age of three, only speaking in single words

  • Reaction to and understanding of speech, but rarely any speaking initiated by the child (showing significant delays in expressive language development)

  • Responses to being called are rare

  • No imitating or only rare attempts at imitating others’ speech

  • A delayed language diagnosis from school or in a health check

Problems with mutual interpersonal communication may be indicated by:


  • Not making eye contact with others

  • Not understanding others' feelings

  • Having an inability to interact with or converse with other children or adults (for example: the conversation doesn't mesh, becomes one-sided, or becomes tedious)

  • Having an inability to grasp how to follow the rules of games and how to wait for one’s turn

  • Struggling to share feelings, interests, or personal thoughts with others

  • Being unable to work in groups

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Articulation issues are evident when a child:


  • Struggles to pronounce certain sounds (mixing up Ps and Fs or Bs and Vs are good examples)

  • Shows signs of a frontal or lateral lisp (frontal lisps occur with a misplacement of the tongue while lateral lisps are when a person allows air to pass the sides of the tongue when speaking)

  • Speaks in a way that produces a very nasal or stuffy-sounding voice

  • Has an awareness of his or her pronunciation difficulties

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Delayed cognitive development unrelated to language are evident when children:


  • Are unable to organize their thoughts enough to complete a puzzle, sort non-identical items, or plan and build with blocks

  • Have trouble reproducing shapes

  • Have a low level recognition of body parts

  • Struggle when trying to copy simple movements or sounds

  • Make no attempt to work with or influence others on their own 

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Stuttering can be seen in:


  • A repetition of sounds (b-b-b-bag) or the unnatural lengthening of certain sounds

  • Stuttering blocks (no airflow or voice for several seconds)

  • The inability to speak well causes overwhelming anxiety and nervousness

  • A lack of speaking (avoiding speaking)


Undeveloped basic learning skills can also be overcome:


  • The basic skills for effective learning in the future are undeveloped

  • Cooperativeness

  • Generalization (putting the learned skills and behaviors to broader practical use)

  • Imitation of others

  • Sociability

  • Skills for playing

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Weakness in reading, writing, and mathematics displayed in children:


  • Difficulty reading even after completing the first grade

  • Reading difficulties: mixing up letters; reading in the wrong direction; skipping sounds; not understanding what is written; taking too long to read; or an inability to recognize once something has been read

  • Writing difficulties: writing letters' mirror images; an inability to follow the line of writing; trouble copying letters from a blackboard; struggles in writing compositions; misunderstanding punctuation

  • Difficulties in mathematics: an inability to recognize and understand numbers and symbols; trouble distinguishing larger and smaller numbers; inability to follow the patterns of numbers

Our services are BEYOND Speech and Language Therapy:

We take a team-based intervention approach by working under consultation with specialists.  

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