We provide educational support for children exhibiting delays in language development or cognitive development, learning disabilities, and other developmental issues in order to improve self-reliance and quality of life. We do this within the context of our broader goals of providing education, enrichment, and advocacy for the promotion of a more inclusive society, which respects human rights. As stipulated by our Articles of Incorporation, LUCREA, Inc. engages in the following:


  1. Counseling those with developmental problems

  2. Consulting

  3. Surveys and research

  4. Education and advocacy

  5. Training others including therapists and teachers

  6. Lectures and study groups

  7. Publishing and the sale of goods

  8. Cooperating with other professionals and organizations

  9. International exchange

  10. All business related to the aforementioned activities




Born in Hyogo, Yoko Sato attended junior and senior high schools in Chiba, Japan. Upon finishing high school, she left Japan to study business administration management in British Columbia, Canada. After returning to Japan, Yoko has been living in Tokyo.


After returning from study in Canada, Yoko made a career combining management, communications, coaching, IT, and marketing with work at places such as the Embassy of Kuwait in Tokyo and at Starbucks Coffee Japan. A developed interest in expressive art therapy and the subsequent taking it on as a hobby deepened her interest in psychotherapy and spiritualism. It was at this point that she began to realize her dreams of being a therapist, which she had held from an early age.


After graduating from Temple University, Yoko traveled to Hawaii for training in Applied Behavior Analysis at a center for the rehabilitation of children with autism. From that time on, she studied Floortime®, counseling (coaching), and Social Thinking® and began individual consultations with English-speaking and bilingual children with developmental delays. Through this Yoko was able to personalize the consultations to each child's needs and learning style to create a child-centered approach that can help each individual child.


In 2014 Yoko acquired her national certification as a Speech Language and Hearing Therapist, getting one step closer to Anne Sullivan, who famously helped Helen Keller to communicate with others. From 2014 to 2016, she worked with children who were entering school (mainly preschoolers between the ages of three and six) and their guardians on speech and hearing evaluations at the City of Chiba Rehabilitation Center. At that same time she engaged in individual consultations with children in their homes or at their schools.


Finally, in February of 2016, Yoko started LUCREA, Inc., which aims to provide personalized educational support from professionals at students' homes as well as consultation related to the development and execution of Individualized Education Programs. Speech Language and Hearing Therapists offer services to assist children with developmental delays. Additionally, the company works to broaden the understanding of these types of issues by the whole of society.


Experience and Qualifications

  • Graduated as a President's Scholar from Temple University (Summa Cum Laude), Psychological Studies Department

  • Certified Interactive Metronome Trainer

  • Certified Health Counselor by the Public Health Research Center

  • Completed the Floortime® (DIRFloortime®) course

  • Authorized by the NPO Edge as a Learning Support Assistant

  • Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst Program, completed at Pennsylvania State University

  • Graduated from the Academic School of Clinical Welfare

  • Certified RBT® (Registered Behavior Technician)







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